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Should You Buy CBD and Hemp Products Locally?

You may have heard or read to research where your CBD products come from. With the increased availability of CBD products ranging from oils, edibles, topicals, flower and vaping you are faced with many questions. The questions you want to ask are; Where are the products manufactured? Does the packaging clearly identify the contents? Does the labeling list the total amount of CBD, type of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate), net weight, supplemental panel with additional ingredients, batch number, and the suggested use?

As a beginner to CBD you are probably saying to yourself, that is a lot of information to process. You are right, it is. There is plenty of information available out there for you to research but it is not the same as speaking with a professional who specializes just in CBD products like myself and my staff at #SyracuseHemporium.

You can purchase CBD products at several types of businesses locally but not all of these businesses are staffed by individuals specializing in CBD. When you go into a local specialized CBD business you are supporting a local #smallbusiness and you are putting the trust of your health in their hands. Many of us are not physicians and we recommend that you discuss using CBD with your doctor.

When I got into the CBD business my main goal was to make premium CBD products available to everyone. I continue to research products to add to the large selection already available. I continue with my training on the use and benefits of CBD and hemp products with my most recent training as a CBD Adviser through #CBDTrainingAcademy. I provide my staff with training and encourage continued training because without the training we are not able to provide you, our customers, with accurate and reliable information.

I want to thank our valued loyal customers for their support from the beginning and through the recent pandemic. My staff and I look forward to welcoming new customers. Sign-up on the website to see new additions, guest blogs and more.

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